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So, we're already deep within the new anime season :D
Which anime series are you guys watching this season?
For me, winter seasons are usually boring, and there are less good anime to watch. But! This year is so much better that the previous one (last year, on the winter season I only watched Kill la Kill, which technically speaking was a leftover from the autumn season). This winter, I'm following:

New series:
- Death Parade
Interesting original series from Mad House studios. It's also an eye candy, with great animation. If you want to judge if this series is for you, I recommend watching 'Death Billiards' first, an one episode special done for Anime Mirai contest, where it got so much praise, that the studio decided to go with the full anime series. I really like its grim dark atmosphere, and moral conflicts that it presents. Overall, it's one of that anime, that you will pester your friends to watch it with you, and discuss what happened in the recent episode. And Decim a QT.

- Junketsu no Maria
It's a perfect example of 'Don't judge book by it's cover', because on the promo poster it looks like 'Your average, dumb ecchi series'. WELL GUESS WHAT, IT'S NOT. Okay, I can't deny the ecchi part (but it's done very differently. The nudity show in the anime feels actually very natural, and there are no weird angles of the crotch shots. ), but it's definitely not dumb. It's an interesting portrayal of how Japanese see western religion. There are a lot of historically accurate fun facts about France, England and catholic church. The whole anime is based upon Hundred Years' War. They also did a great job if it comes to presenting the figting techiques that were used back then (Holy Shit! That Galfa's half-swording!). After watching the episode, instead of focusing on nudity, you will probably engage the discussion about theology, and medieval life.

- Yoru no Yatterman
An alternate world history, of Yattaman series. It has darker atmosphere, and resolves around the descendant of Doronjo. Yatterman Kingdom is basically like North Korea now. Still, they manage to pull some gags in it. Watching adventures of the Doronbow gang is kinda like 'Team Rocket: The Anime'. I like it, but more die-hard Yattaman fans might be displeased.

- Aldnoah Zero
 It's a solid mecha series, with interesting action, and good pacing. Not to mention that I always liked series written by Gen Urobuchi. I'm really interested in how it will end, or if it will turn out to be a setting for a next series (since anime titles with 'Zero' in them usually tend to be prequels).

- Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders
I don't think I have to explain why I watch Jojo. Plus, we finally entered the Egypt Arc, some great action will go down pretty soon (but Joseph a best Jojo).

- Kamisama Hajimeshita
A lighthearted shoujo series, where heroine is not annoying. I mainly watch it for humorous parts, it's pretty comfy.

- Tokyo Ghoul ROOT A
While it's said, that anime follows an original story written by the author of the manga, I'm not really sure what they want to achieve. It basically looks like it's a shortened, slightly change version of the manga, to fit the whole material in one season. Well, I'll still follow it to the end, but I almost dropped it after the episode 4, and it's HORRIBLE animation/pacing.

- Akastuki no Yona
A shoujo series with some extremely GOOD fighting choreography. The story itself is nothing special - just your standard fantasy journey scheme. But! I really like the characters, they are really well written. Humour and gags in this series is also excellent. Although the start of the series is slow, the pacing gets better later. It's not very popular, but honestly I don't know why. Maybe because on the outside it looks like a reverse harem anime, but it's not that kind of series.

- Garo: The Animation
What can I say? I started to watch it out of nostalgia for some old-school fantasy story. I get more, and more pleasantly surprised with each episode. The story is interesting, and well executed. Characters are very well written (German a.k.a Ero-Dad is great, Ema is great, Prince Alfonso is awesome, Leon is awesome and has a very well done character development). I'm really looking forward to how it will end.

- Parasyte the Maxim
An anime series based on the manga from the '80s. Thanks to that, it doesn't posses a lot of annoying traits, that are ruining most of the new anime series. I really like the story, and down to earth, logical Migi's arguments. The concept of the parasites is itself really interesting. Great action sequences, and well animated fighting scenes. The story begins with a sloppy, main character who gradually changes within series. I'm hooked to see how Shinichi will change further.

- Log Horizon
I still follow it, but honestly I don't know why. The first series was great, and interesting with some cool political/economical drama. The second series feels like it's made of fillers AND THE WHOLE EPISODES ARE RESOLVED AROUND EATING CAKES, and whining 'I'm so weak, I must get stronger. I'm suffering so much'. Well, you're not. You're sitting in a comfy room eating a fucking cake, and sweets with your friends, while other people are fighting. I'm considering to drop it hard.

- Shigatsu Kimi Wa Uso
I call it 'battle shounen with pianos'. Well, technically speaking they're not fighting per se, but I compare those music competitions to battle tournaments :'D. Everyone in the series seems to internally speak in haiku. But it's fun and comfy. Wouldn't recomend it to everyone, since some people will find it boring, but overall I like the atmosphere of this series.

- Shirobako
Very well executed series about anime creation. If you are interested in finding out how anime industry looks like from the inside, you should definitely watch it. I also watch it for the co-worker/workplace drama, it's really accurate :D

In total: 13 series.
Well, what are your anime picks this season? I'm eager to hear your opinions!


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